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Romeo & Juliet

| From 12 years |

In Verona, two important families, enemies from long ago, see how love grows between them, until they come together.

Hands. Rehearsal after rehearsal, hands were appearing all around: Count Paris asks for Juliet's hand; the Prnce condemns families' bloody hands; Romeo´s hand meets Juliet´s; Friar Laurence joins lovers' hands in the wedding; Juliet finds dead Romeo's hand... It is all about praying hands, killing hands, forgiving or loving hands, caressing hands.

Just one actor plays all characters. His arms, his hands drive action on stege, leading the audience imagination through the different places where Romeo & Juliet happens.

Shakespeare was an actor; he played theatre. His plays aren't literature jewels, but thoughts, emotions to be seen and listened on stage. And he concieved theatre as a Total Art, able to put on stage that fantastic stream of life and shows that London offered 400 years ago. Romeo & Juliet has everything: violence, death, fight, love, passión, music, dance, humour, poetry...

Shakespeare was the most modern of his time.



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