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| For children |

I´m feeling, play after play, the need to push the limits of what is allowed, of moral, of the possible, because one day you choose to play for children. Still today, it is risky rejecting any lessons, and saying out loud that the world we’re living in together, adults and children, is the same one: cruel, tender, complex, with a wide and thick grey stripe between black and white, where things are never evident.

Suzanne Lebeau


by my side

by my side is a journey from "me" to "us".

from 1 years old

I am a boy

From the suggestive nature of a tree, a large wooden toy, a child grows between play and the responsibility of maturing.

from 4 years


Fish proposes sharing the brief memory of the audience, floating on the remembrance when we were all fish, even not knowing it.

from one year


A wooden puppet gets alive, scapes from home, lives terrible adventures, and saves his father's life. Back home, he grows.

from 4 years

Little Red Riding Hood

Our Little Red Riding Hood speaks, with a kamishibai, Japanese paper theatre, about finding out the other, finding out the world waiting in the forest

From 3 years


when? whispers in the child's ear about the cycle of life. How does a plant grow? Why did your wrinkles appear, grandpa? Playing with living beings.

From 3 years

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn feels opressed in a world full of social conventions, and he scapes, through the river.

From 6 years

Things in the sea

Ships, whales and fishes play in a magical black sea. Rubbish and polution appear too. Not everything is nice, here in the sea.

From 3 years

Ultramarinos de Lucas