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Ultramarinos de Lucas

Memory of what we will be. A glance.

From 14 years old

A word that no one pronounces, that is pronounced to itself, a word that mediates, as silent eros, between two bodies, that of the beloved/lover, an actor who moves a body of flesh and bone, and a female figure of wood, the lover. A voice-over pronounces the word that is air and light, through which the body breathes and through which the spirit looks; a word through which the wooden figure is humanized/spiritualized, through which the flesh and bone figure is mineralized, without ceasing to be this human and that wooden woman: a word through which the two figures become one. Denial of duality, not transcendence of the spirit and his word, but immanence and imminence of the word made flesh, the word that breathes and looks. And words.



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Ultramarinos de Lucas