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Spanish Cradle songs. Federico García Lorca

| from 14 years old |

The Lecture of the Spanish Cradle songs was given by Federico García Lorca on December 13th, 1928 at the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid. It is a dazzling text that mixes the intellectual and research rigor of García Lorca with his more lyrical vein.

The author exposes in a way as beautiful as it is chilling that first approach of the baby to literature and vindicates the imprint that it engraves in his heart forever. 

A lecturing actor, Jorge Padín, walks and talks, dropping the papers like wounded birds, while savoring the words Federico drew . The actor plays with a few origami figures, suggestive elements that remind us of a tiny puppet theatre like the ones Lorca liked so much.

Meanwhile, Elena Aranoa, accompanied by a guitar and some simple percussion elements, sings with delicacy the lullabies to which Lorca refers to in his Conference, original from different places in Spain. Her powerful voice brings the emotion of the melody and the throbbing of the lullabies to the ear of the audience.





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