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| For children |

The world we’re living in together, adults and children, is the same one: cruel, tender, complex, with a wide and thick grey stripe between black and white, where things are never evident.

Suzanne Lebeau



A child asks his grandfather about life, the village, the world around him: how do plants grow? And me?

From 3 years

by my side

by my side is a journey from "me" to "us".

from 1 years old

I am a boy

From the suggestive nature of a tree, a large wooden toy, a child grows between play and the responsibility of maturing.

from 4 years


Fish proposes sharing the brief memory of the audience, floating on the remembrance when we were all fish, even not knowing it.

from one year


A wooden puppet gets alive, scapes from home, lives terrible adventures, and saves his father's life. Back home, he grows.

from 4 years

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn feels opressed in a world full of social conventions, and he scapes, through the river.

From 6 years

Things in the sea

Ships, whales and fishes play in a magical black sea. Rubbish and polution appear too. Not everything is nice, here in the sea.

From 3 years

Ultramarinos de Lucas