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The space of memory. Its tenants repeat endlessly their acts, recorded as a cliché, eternally.
Tadeusz Kantor


Juul, What happened to you?

Juul is a child, a big wooden puppet. His classmates make fun of him.

From 12 years

Waiting for Godot

Two men are waiting for Godot. Godot will never come.

from 14 years

The Hothouse. Harold Pinter

A black comedy set in a government-run mental institution, around a sinister murder plot.

Memory of what we will be. A glance.

A man, a wooden sculpture, maybe a woman, silence and words. Poetry on stage.

From 14 years old


Imagination makes an imposible play with geometric figures, colours, music, and the bodies of man and woman.

From one year

Once again

One step, another step, the child who walks and goes forward through life, climbs up or flies, a way of discovery: just playing.

The night

She is afraid of the night, but something will change everything...

from 3 years

Little Red Riding Hood

Our Little Red Riding Hood speaks, with a kamishibai, Japanese paper theatre, about finding out the other, finding out the world waiting in the forest

From 3 years

I wish the moon

Susi and Rodolfo are friends. On Susi's birthday, Rodolfo offers her the moon.

from 1 years old

Concert Cradle songs for Federico

Elena Aranoa sings

Ultramarinos de Lucas