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Ultramarinos de Lucas


From 3 years

A boy plays with his grandfather. They both share their lives, learn to ask questions in their small town. They touch the earth, rain with the water, they are trees and fruit. They ask themselves:

What's that bird's name? Why do apples fall of trees? How do plants grow? Why do people leave the village? And life goes by. And one day, Grandpa is gone. 

As life grows within our village, we shake hands with grandfather or he carries us on his shoulders and he walks us through the names of the birds, through the tastes of the fruits, through the smell of the earth, through the freshness of the water.

And one day grandfather is no longer there; it is like a village that has disappeared.

We wonder as children and imagine:

How does time pass?

How do people die?; villages die too?





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Ultramarinos de Lucas